Perfect Body Yoga Program Tier 2

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NOTE: PBYP Tier 2 is an extension of the PBYP program and is only available to PBYP members.  If you are a PBYP member please log in before adding Tier 2 to your cart.

PBYP Tier 2 is an extension of the Perfect Body Yoga Program (Tier 1). In Tier 2 you’ll see some classic classes from Tier 1, plus 4 brand new classes and 8 new mantras and meditations so you can keep yourself challenged and your practice fresh.

Tier 2 is for those who’ve completed PBYP Tier 1, are ready to challenge themselves a bit more and maintain a consistent practice.

NOTE: Tier 2 is ONLY available to those who’ve graduated from Tier 1.

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    Hey Bad Yogis, we are aware of an issue some of you are having with the classes not playing, we're hard at work trying to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience. -Erin