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The Perfect Body Yoga Program is the first complete at-home program that fuses yoga and fitness, and values health over image. We believe that strength and flexibility are better goals than tiny waists and “bikini bodies,” and The Perfect Body Yoga Program believes that the sexiest qualities you can have are strength and confidence. This program will take you through 8 weeks of balanced, motivational and health centered yoga routines that you can enjoy and maintain.

What you get when you join:
// 12 Exclusive follow along yoga classes between 30-40 mins(not on YouTube)
// 8 Guided Meditations
// The PBYP Food Guide
// Brand new flows that you’ve never seen before
// Lifetime membership so you can repeat as many times as you want. It will ALWAYS live with Bad Yogi.

BONUS: 4 Bonus Express Classes for those days where you don’t have a full 30-40 minutes to spare, choose from one of these which run between 15-20 mins.

BONUS: You’ll also get a gorgeous printable package of sequences that you can take on the road and off the screen.

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  1. marion.graham4 says:

    This program is the best thing I’ve done for myself in a VERY long time. I’m on day 4 and it’s changing my life in so many ways; not just physically, which is awesome, but mentally as well. Erin’s gentle and authentic teachings have all our best interest at heart. The classes aren’t easy but they are incredible… Everyday I cannot wait to do the next class. I can honestly say I have not made this kind of commitment ever… I want to do it. Erin genuinely wants us (you) to be the healthiest version of yourself. I can’t say enough positives about this program. Do it for yourself, your best self deserves it. Also, the positivity and encouragement, not only from Erin, but from the private Facebook back is beyond words. I can see me doing this program over and over again. Love this program!!!

  2. Steph says:

    Erin’s teaching style is laid back and genuine. This program is perfect for anyone who has struggled to commit to strict fitness and diet programs in the past. The focus is truly on developing healthy habits and the work involved is realistic and “do-able.” Worth every penny!

  3. Nicole says:

    I’m so happy to have joined this program! It puts emphasis on doing what you need to do to become the “perfect” version of yourself, and no matter what challenges you may have in your life, as long as you are committed, then you are heading in the right direction. The classes are challenging but have room for modifications, and there’s always a nice meditation/relaxation piece at the end of the class. Plus the other members that are doing this in the Facebook group are such a wonderful part of this great program!

  4. Jenn De Feo says:

    PBYP is amazing! I feel the difference in my practice after only two days! Erin is very creative with her sequences and keeps you engaged and excited! #onebadyogi #badyogisunite #pbyp #loveyoga
    Thanks Erin!

  5. Ashley says:

    I love this program!! I can already tell a difference in my energy & how I carry myself. I fully intend to repeat when we are finished. I’m hoping Erin will do more! My life is a bit chaotic, very stressful and on a day I have already made a million different decisions I love that I can just go to my mat and know that I don’t have to waste time deciding what class to do or what to work on, although you can if you want. Erin has done a wonderful job figuring this out for us! I’ve not stopped talking about this to my friends and family. I feel as sore as I would after a hard workout at the gym but as relaxed as I would after meditation. Possibly the best part, or the most motivating is this awesome community you get to be a part of. I can’t stress enough how cool it has been to have that! I would 100% recommend the program!! ❤️❤️❤️

  6. marykthomas says:

    I am so glad I bought PBYP! Every detail was planned to perfection, but there is room for personalization and adjustment, if needed. The classes are creative and challenging but easy to follow. I like to change things up now and then, and Erin does that. There is no pressure and full support from both Erin and the Bad Yogi community, where the outpouring of positivity is amazing, and everyone has different levels of experience with varied personal goals. The food part is not a diet; it’s a guide that will help with lifestyle changes. Everything about the program is well though-out, and most importantly, sustainable. I’ve tried a lot of programs, but this is definitely the best!

  7. Marjorie says:

    So far so good! The program is challenging and I am already noticing a difference in my body. Can’t wait to see what the next week will bring.

  8. Stacy says:

    This program has already changed my life in one week! I have been unhappy with my eating habits and being overall lazy and this has kickstarted a change in lifestyle for me! Erin is awesome and this program has many encouraging extras, like the food guide, mantras, quick yoga classes for when you don’t have time for the full class. Def worth the money! ❤️

  9. Liz says:

    I am constantly starting over and finding new programs but never sticking with anything. Erin’s Perfect Body Yoga Program with its amazing support community has really helped motivate me to stay with it. The classes are challenging, but fun. I definitely recommend this!!!

  10. Kyleigh says:

    This program is awesome. The classes are fun, challenging and organized. It’s one of the first at home yoga programs I’ve done where I’m actually sore (in a good strength building way). The community is the best. Everyone is right there with you cheering you on, discussing poses and just being generally positive and motivational. Definitely recommend this program.

  11. megan.reddix says:

    Absolutely loving this program, the community, and of course everything about Bad Yogi! Erin is a master of creativity and encouragement, and has been such an inspiration for doing more for my wellness. Yoga isn’t about fitting into molds set by stereotypes and media. The only mold you need to fit is the one that your body has already set for you! Perfect Body Yoga Program allows you to love that mold and serves as a beautiful guide to helping you achieve that mold. Definitely a program worth being a part of!

  12. Alicia says:

    My yoga practice has fallen to the wayside in the last couple of months due to a knee/hamstring injury, hoping this program will keep me accountable, and ease me back into a daily yoga practice as it is then that I feel my best! Loving the program so far, there is enough challenge to keep it interesting, and as always, Erin is an amazing coach/teacher!

  13. Liz Abate says:

    Loving this program!! Erin is an excellent teacher.

  14. Navjit says:

    100% recommend. I’m on day 3 and am super happy with this impulse buy. I signed up for Erin’s newsletter recently and it was so authentic and fun that I just bought this without even reading a review (trust me, that’s very out of character…) I want to improve my fitness and make exercise a more regular part of my life and every night I’ve gone to sleep excited about the next class! The classes are the perfect length for fitting in every day, and are easy to follow, varied and fun. I already eat pretty well but the food guide is nice motivation and well the private FB group is pretty damn inspiring and uplifting. Already my days are feeling happier and more accomplished and my body is feeling well awakened!

  15. Stefani Hendricks says:

    I am really enjoying the creativity of the courses. They are challenging and fun. At the end of each class, I feel completely connected mind and body and and am always craving more. The encouraging community created here, will also make this program a huge success for us all. Way to go Erin, another brilliant BadYogi WIN!

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